Adaptive Management Planning

Adaptive management is a decision-process used to guide management decisions arising from unexpected performances of a project that may lead to impacts on the environment. Adaptive management promotes flexible decision making that can be adjusted in the face of uncertainties as management action outcomes and other events become better understood. Careful monitoring of management action outcomes and advancements in scientific understanding both help to adjust policies or operations as part of an iterative learning process. Adaptive Management Plans (AMP) are living documents that are designed to evolve and change over time, as information is incorporated into this decision-making process from unforeseen events, emerging issues, and/or project related risks.

Management actions may include further monitoring, increased monitoring, repeated monitoring, or an investigation of cause into the reason for the change in reported values which may in turn result in a requirement to change operating conditions or implement additional mitigations.

BMC Minerals (No. 1) Ltd.

Location: Kudz Ze Kayah Project, YT
Year: 2018 – Ongoing
Objective: To support the development of BMC’s Environmental Monitoring, Surveillance, Reporting and Adaptive Management Plan (EMSAMP) for the Kudz Ze Kayah Project, Yukon.

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